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Here is our current list of rules that apply to everybody on noobcore creative- This rule list is subject to change at any time.

Rule Number 1 - Family Friendly

Family friendly content only! No swearing, hate speech, talk of weapons, extreme violence, sexism, racism, politics, inappropriate pictures or anything deemed to be not safe for work or not family friendly is not tolerable across our entire network. Bans may be given with no warnings depending on the extremity, But usually, warnings are given first.

Rule Number 2 - Hacking

Any form of hacks on our server are not tolerated. We do allow badlion, Full bright etc. Hackers will be flagged by anti cheat and banned. 

Rule Number 3 - Spamming

No spamming or all caps, Nobody likes spamming, there is a chance you will be auto muted by a bot and nobody likes to be silenced! Repeated spammers could receive warnings and if those warnings stack up, potentially a ban.

Rule Number 4 - Minimodding

No Mini modding. Mini modding is annoying for everyone, Nobody likes to be told what to do and when to do it. Do not try to play the role of a moderator. If somebody is breaking the rules, a mod will get to it as soon as they can, If it is serious and there is nobody around then open a ticket in our discord with -new

Rule Number 5 - Usernames

In game usernames must be family friendly and if are too 'crude' could, unfortunately, end up in the account being banned, phrases like 'Lmfao' '420 and 69' are ok though, These phrases are also allowed in chat, Along with 'Damn,Hell,Etc'

Rule Number 6 - Self Promo

No form of self-promotion, "Hey I'm live", "Wanna join my Minecraft server", etc.

Rule Number 7 - Respect

Do not beg or become a burden to other players if they have asked you not to or told you no, this can be annoying and ruin the vibe and player experience for everybody. Nobody has to give anybody anything, or work with a certain person if they don't want to.

Rule Number 8 - Causing Creative Lag 
Attempting to cause lag in creative by anymeans will result in an INSTANT network wide ban, Our creative server gets abused the most so we will not tolerate anybody trying to drop tps or reduce player experience for anybody.

Rule Number 9 - Summary

Common sense, a lot of it comes down to that, A lot of our players, play to chill out and relax. We are not and never will be an anarchy style server or heavily PVP orientated . We aim for a nice chilled out fun minecraft experience with lots of different things players can do. Please help us keep it this way! Respect everyone and try to treat people fair and equal if you can, It's not nice to feel left out! <3